André Caminoa is an architect, researcher, and a university professor living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Initially graduated in architecture (UBA, 2002), he has been working in the architectural and construction industry for more than 25 years, providing to his client’s design management and engineering, procurement, construction and consulting services, with a solid knowledge of project management and quality standards. 
Since 2018, he is teaching as an assistant professor in Architectural Design at FADU UBA. In 2019 he has earned in a university teaching contest the position of adjunct professor in Science, Technology and Society Studies at UNAB. Since 2016 to 2019, he has worked in UNAB as an Infrastructure Project Director. 
In 2014, in parallel with the beginning of his thesis for a Master Program in Advanced Architectural Design at UBA, he has co-founded a high tech-high risk project named “Printed Architecture”, an envisioned start-up focused on research and development of design methods and models, and applied technology geared to the utilization of 3D Printing technology in architecture for habitat fabrication. 
At the end of 2019, he finished writing the manuscript of his thesis and he is awaiting the opportunity to defend next year his master’s dissertation that is focused on the application of 3D Printing technology in architecture. 
In 2013, as a product of his extensive research in experimental architecture and sustainability, joined with international associates he has co-founded the UNISPACE Project, an advanced research group geared to space architecture and its potential applications on Earth or off world locations. He has been a competitor in several contests and competitions and, he has authored and co-authored several papers. As a creative and strategic thinker, he has explored the synergy between arts, science and technology and since 2011, he is an occasional contributor of the Lifeboat Foundation. 
Since 2009 Independent Consultant Services.
Delivery of Consulting Services with a proven experience in a wide range of projects.

• Architecture & Construction Services.
• Design Management.
• Project Management.
• Construction Management.
• Facilities Management.
• Sustainable Architecture.
• Industrial Projects.
• Real Estate.
• Space Architecture.
• Concept Development.
• IRCA QMS ISO 9001.
• IMS ISO 9001-14001-18001.
• Research.
Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA-FADU). MArch II, Master's degree in Advanced Architectural Design2011 – 2012. Thesis (presented in 2019). Dissertation focus “Prefabrication by stereolithography of modular habitat systems: A conceptual design for extreme environments like Antarctica” ISBN: 978-987-28999-0-5.
3d printing, as cofounder of Printed Architecture.
2017 - Attendant, Innovation Experience Senior Program, Israel.
2015 - Competitor, Ubatec Prize, Ubatec / UBA, CABA, Argentina.
2014 - Competitor, Impactec Prize, SociaLab / Singularity University.
2014 - Submission, Energy Globe Foundation GmbH, Austria.
Space Architecture, AS a member of the UNISPaCE group.
2015 - Competitor, SPACEX Hyperloop Pod Competition, Space Exploration Technologies Corp.
2015 - Submission, 100YSS Public Symposium,, Silicon Valley CA, USA.
2015 - Submission, Icarus Starship Congress, Philadelphia PA, USA.
2015 - Submission, 45th International Conference on Environmental Systems, Bellevue WA, USA.
2015 - Competitor, NASA Challenge: Space Pioneering – Achieving Earth Independence,
2015 - Attendant, 8th Argentine Congress of Space Technology, AATE, CABA, Argentina.
2015 - Attendant, SA SG Workshop, SGAC, CABA, Argentina.
2015 - Competitor, RASC-AL Forum, NIA / NASA, Cocoa Beach FL, USA.
2015 - Collaborator, Long Range Research and Development Plan (HQ0034-15-RFI-1), DoD.
2014 - Collaborator, NextSTEP Habitat Systems (RFI BAA NNH15ZCQ001K), NASA.
2014 - Collaborator, Centennial Challenges Program (RFI BAA NNH15STMD002L), NASA.
2014 - Collaborator, Distributed Airborne Capabilities,TTO (SN-15-06 RFI), DARPA.
2014 - Collaborator, Mars Plus 2.0 Mission Presentation, Brunel University, London, UK.
2014 - Lecturer (represented), 17th Mars Society Convention, Houston TX, USA.
2014 - Competitor, Inspiration Mars Student Design Contest, Inspiration Mars Found. / Mars Soc.
2014 - Lecturer (represented), 2nd Space Conference, Orlando FL, USA.
2014 - Competitor, Deutsche Bank Future Banking Int. Design Competition,
2014 - Collaborator, 2nd Manfred Lachs International Conference, Montreal, Canada.
2014 - Collaborator, Asteroid Redirect Mission (RFP/RFI BAA NNH14ZCQ002K), NASA.
2014 - Submission, Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (2013 Icarus issue of JBIS), UK.
2013 - Collaborator, Asteroids Initiative (RFI), NASA.
2013 - Submission, Create the Future Design Contest, NASA Tech Briefs.
2013 - Submission, 100YSS Public Symposium,, Houston TX, USA.
2013 - Collaborator, Adaptive Reuse of Hangar One (RFP), NASA Ames, Mountain View CA, USA.
2013 - Lecturer (represented), 64th International Astronautical Congress, Beijing, China.
2013 - Lecturer, Icarus Starship Congress, Dallas TX, USA.
2013 - Submission, International Space Apps Challenge, NASA.
2013 - Lecturer, 16th Mars Society Convention, Boulder CO, USA.
2013 - Collaborator, Innovation Triangle Initiative (RFP/RFI), European Space Agency (ESA).
2013 - Submission, NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC), NASA.
2013 - Competitor, Evolo Skyscraper Competition.
2012 - Submission, Grand Challenges of the 21st Century (SN-13-01 RFI), DARPA.
Extra-curricular Activities
2012 - Competitor, Creating Conscience. RSA/UP.
2011 - Competitor, National Emblem Tecnópolis Urban Park Competition.
2011 - Attendant, Megacities 2011, DAIH/Deutsche Botschaft Buenos Aires.
2009 - Competitor, North Dock Area Competition, BA. SCA / FADEA.
2007 - Competitor, San Martin Cultural Center Competition, Pergamino. CAPBA/FADEA.
2004 - Auxiliary teacher, Sustainability Design. Evans, De Schiller. FADU UBA.
2004 - Competitor, Machu Picchu Architectural Competition. Arquitectum, Perú.
2003 - Lecturer, Renewable Energy Congress. BA. CAECE /CADEA.
2000 - Submission (represented), Teaching In Architecture 3rd International Conference. Oxford,UK.
1999 - Competitor, Passive and Low Energy Architecture Competition. Brisbane, Australia.
1999 - Attendant, Solar Technology Workshop. FADU UBA/Oxford Brookes University.
1999 - Competitor, PV in Architecture Competition. FADU UBA/THERMIE.
1996 - Competitor, Architecture Project Student Competition. FADU UBA/CPAU/SCA.
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